Clawpack: Building an open source ecosystem for solving hyperbolic PDEs

Kyle Mandli, Aron. Ahmadia, Marsha Berger, Donna Calhoun, David George, Yannis Hadjimichael, David Ketcheson, Grady Lemoine, Randall LeVeque, "Clawpack: Building an open source ecosystem for solving hyperbolic PDEs", Peer J Computer Science, 2016.


Clawpack is a software package designed to solve nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equations using high-resolution finite volume methods based on Riemann solvers and limiters. The package includes a number of variants aimed at different applications and user communities. Clawpack 5 has been actively developed as an open source project for over 20 years. The latest major release, Clawpack 5, introduces a number of new features and changes to the code base and a new development model based on GitHub and Git submodules. This article provides a summary of the most significant changes, the rationale behind some of these changes, and a description of our current development model.

Download : ma-ah-be-ca-ge-ha-ke-le-le-2016.pdf