Students I have supervised while at BSU.

PhD Students

Patricia Azike

PhD in Computing (Fall 2021 - present)

Project: Work focused on developing ForestClaw for wildfire applications

Damyn Chipman

PhD in Computing (Fall 2019 - present)

Project: Work focused on direct elliptic solver using the HPS approach

Brian Kyanjo

PhD in Computing (Fall 2020 - present)

Project: Work focused on developing ForestClaw for atmospheric applications

Master's Students

Talin Mirzakhanian

MS in Mathematics (Spring 2017)

Thesis: “Multi-rate Runge-Kutta-Chebyshev Time Stepping for Parabolic Equations on Adaptively Refined Meshes”

John Hutchins

MS in Mathematics (Summer 2013)

Thesis: “Computing curvature and curvature normals on smooth logically Cartesian surface meshes”

Jean Schneider

MS in Mathematics (Summer 2012)

Thesis: “Perfect stripes from a general Turing model in different geometries”

Gus Tropea

MS in Mathematics (Summer 2022 - present)

Project: Work on accelerating Clawpack solver on single Cartesian grids.

Undergraduate Students

Tyler Qualls

BS in Applied Mathematics and Economics (Spring 2021)

Project: Fractal formation in urban growth.

Stephanie Potter

BS in Applied Mathematics (Fall 2015)

Project: Google Earth visualization of tsunami activity (BSU SRI Summer Fellowship recipient)

Scott Aiton

BS in Applied Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (Spring 2020)

Project: Developed a multigrid solver for elliptic problems on adaptively refined meshes.

Jordan Engstrom

BS in Geosciences (Fall 2017)

Thesis: “Petrogenesis and Thermodynamic Modeling of Magmas from the Los Nevados Cones: Villarrica Volcano, Southern Chile”

Hannah Spero

BS in Geosciences (Spring 2021)

Project: Develop computational model of the 1976 Teton Dam Failure

Cody Casteneda

BS in Mechanical Engineering (Fall 2015)

Project: Work with Idaho National Laboratory to develop flooding models using GeoClaw and ForestClaw.

Brenton Peck

BS in Applied Mathematics (Spring 2018)

Project: Worked on direct solver for 3d adaptive octree meshes

Antone Chacartegui

BS in Applied Mathematics (Spring 2020 - present)

Project: Tensor analysis on the sphere (HERC Fellowship Recipient)

Anthony Jimenez

BS in Mathematics (Fall 2022 - present)

Project: Senior 401 project

Aaron Solt

BS in Applied Mathematics (Fall 2015)

Project: Senior Thesis project on implementing schemes for maintaining conservation in the parallel, adaptive ForestClaw code