Flooding Capability for River-based Scenarios

Curtis Smith, Steven Prescott, Emerald Ryan, Donna Calhoun, Ramprasad Sampath, S Anderson, "Flooding Capability for River-based Scenarios", Idaho National Laboratory Idaho Falls, 2015. https://lwrs.inl.gov/RiskInformed%20Safety%20Margin%20Characterization/Flooding_Capability_for_River-based_Scenarios.pdf


This report describes the initial investigation into modeling and simulation tools for application of riverine flooding representation as part of the Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization (RISMC) Pathway external hazards evaluations. The report provides examples of different flooding conditions and scenarios that could impact river and watershed systems. Both 2D and 3D modeling approaches are described.

Download : sm-pr-ry-ca-sa-an-2015.pdf