A hybrid adaptive mesh framework for finite volume schemes on a forest of locally refined Cartesian meshes

Donna Calhoun, Carsten Burstedde

Date :

SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Padua, Italy (Mini-symposium organizer/speaker)
Jun 17 - Jun 20, 2013


Skepticism persists as to whether the use of adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) can improve atmospheric flow simulations. Model developers are reluctant to engage in AMR code development amid concerns that multi-resolution grids are ineffective in the absence of precise error estimators or can damage numerical solutions. We propose a highly scalable, spatially adaptive code to test modern finite volume discretizations on Cartesian grids, and establish their effectiveness on several benchmarks in atmospheric flows.

Slides : siam-geo-2013.pdf

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