Introduction to Scientific Programming (Math 365)

Boise State University, Dept. of Mathematics

Textbook : Numerical Computing with Matlab

Semesters Taught : Sp13, Fa13, Sp14, Fa14, Sp15, Fa15, Sp16, Sp17(x2), Fa17, Fa22

This course introduces students to scientific computing. The emphasis on this course is on applications and using Matlab or Python to solving science and engineering problems. Less emphasis is placed on numerical algorithms.


  • Elementary data types
  • Loops
  • Conditional statements
  • Solving linear systems using Gaussian elimination
  • Polynomial interpolation
  • Quadrature rules
  • Introduction to solving ordinary differential equations numerically
  • Visualization for scientific domains
  • Vectorization and numerically efficient codes
  • Course taught in Matlab or Python