Geo-ForestClaw : Modeling dambreak flooding using scalable, adaptive quad trees

Donna Calhoun

Date :

Clifford Lectures : Hyperbolic PDEs, Software, and GeoHazard Applications, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA (USA) (Workshop lecture)
Apr 02 - Apr 07, 2017


We demonstrate our success in incorporating GeoClaw (LeVeque, George, Berger, Mandli), a widely used code for simulation tsunamis, debris flow, flooding, storm surges and so on, into ForestClaw, an adaptive quadtree code based on the highly scalable library p4est (C. Burstedde). This new adaptive mesh framework allows us to run GeoClaw simulations on large scale parallel computing environments, and achieve resolutions not available on a desktop computers. We will demonstrate results from recent tsumami events, as well as an historical dam break problem.`

Slides : tulane-2017.pdf

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