Simulating acoustic and gravity waves in ForestClaw

Donna Calhoun, Jonathan Snively

Date :

SIAM Parallel Processing Conference, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Seattle, WA (USA) (virtual) (Mini-symposium speaker)
Feb 23 - Feb 26, 2022


We present recent progress in the development the software platform ForestClaw, a parallel, dynamically adaptive library for solving PDEs on a nested hierarchy of logically Cartesian grids. In this talk, we discuss software engineering challenges related to extending ForestClaw with the MAGIC (Model for Acoustic and Gravity wave Interations and Coupling, J. Snively, Embry-Riddle, FL) and GEMINI (Geospace Environment Model Ion-Neutral Interactions, M. Zettergren, Embry-Riddle, FL) codes. A key challenge in this effort, funded as part of the DARPA AtmoSense program, is to factor existing MAGIC and GEMINI codes so they can take advantage of the adaptive capabilities in ForestClaw. A second challenge is to facilitate runtime exchange of solution data between GEMINI and MAGIC. We will show preliminary results from the AirWaves project, as well as code development with the core ForestClaw platform needed to support AirWaves.

Slides : siam-pp-2022.pdf

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