ForestClaw : Mapped, multiblock adaptive quadtrees

Donna Calhoun, Carsten Burstedde

Date :

SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) (Mini-symposium organizer/speaker)
Mar 14 - Mar 18, 2015


We will discuss recent multiblock and parallel capabilities in ForestClaw, an adaptive mesh refinement code based on the patched-based multi-rate Berger-Oliger algorithmic strategy coupled with quad/octree mesh refinement. The support for multiblock capabilities now allows for domains composed of quadrilaterals, (with up to four quads meeting at a vertex), each of which is refined as a quadtree. One important example of such a domain is the cubed sphere. We will also show results from parallel computations on the Blue Gene/Q supercomputer JUQUEEN, based in Julich, Germany. ForestClaw uses the dynamic grid management library p4est (C. Burstedde, Univ. of Bonn).

Slides : siam-cse-2015.pdf

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