ForestClaw : An adaptive, finite volume, Cartesian grid solver based on p4est

Donna Calhoun, Carsten Burstedde

Date :

SIAM Computational Science and Engineering, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Spokane, WA (Mini-symposium speaker)
Feb 15 - Mar 01, 2019


We describe the software package ForestClaw, a PDE solver for time dependent hyperbolic and parabolic solvers based on updating a solution on an adaptive quadtree mesh. A basic design principle behind ForestClaw is to abstract algorithmic components and make extensive use of polymorphism. To maintain ease of use and flexibility, only limited use is made of inheritance and encapsulation. The core ForestClaw routines manage input parameters, adaptive (multi-rate) time stepping, re-meshing, transferring the solution between old and new meshes, parallel communication, file I/O and diagnostics. A secondary focus of the talk will be on the underlying capabilities provided by p4est and the p4est application program interface (API).

Slides : cse-2019.pdf

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