Solving the advection-diffusion equation in irregular geometries

Donna Calhoun, Randall LeVeque, "Solving the advection-diffusion equation in irregular geometries", J. Comput. Phys., 2000.


We present a fully conservative, high-resolution, finite volume algorithm for advection-diffusion equations in irregular geometries. The algorithm uses a Cartesian grid in which some cells are cut by the embedded boundary. A novel feature is the use of a ``capacity function'' to model the fact that some cells are only partially available to the fluid. The advection portion then uses the explicit wave-propagation methods implemented in CLAWPACK, and is stable for Courant numbers up to 1. Diffusion is modelled with an implicit finite-volume algorithm. Results are shown for several geometries. Convergence is verified and the 1-norm order of accuracy is found to be- tween 1.2 and 2 depending on the geometry and Peclet number.

Download : ca-le-2000.pdf