Quantitative Imaging of Acoustic Shocks in the Atmosphere and Ionosphere for the Mapping and Measurement of Earthquake Surface Displacements

Agency : National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Type : Sub-award (80NSSC20K0495)

Amount to BSU : $175K

Project summary

We propose to develop and test bases for quantification of earthquake-generated nonlinear AGWs from their perturbations to ITM airglow layers, as complementary to TEC. We will investigate AGWs in ITM airglow synthetic data as a possible future tool to measure the vertical surface displacements (e.g., leading to tsunami generation), which convey time- and spatially resolved insight into earthquake dynamics. Our synthetic data for ground- and space-based imaging platforms will be characterized within the context of “Solid-Earth Observational Strategies”, to “inform remote-sensing observational strategies for solid-Earth research”, leveraging feasible methodologies already being applied for Heliophysics science conducted from ground and space.

PI: Jonathan Snively, Matt Zettergren (Embry Riddle Aeronautic University); Donna Calhoun (Boise State University)

Funding period : 1/2020-1/2023

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